Virtual Pool

Virtual Pool 4.4

Play 8-Ball, 9-Ball, Billiards and other pool-related games in a 3D environment
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Enjoy a realistic 3D simulation of the pool with various rules. Play against AI controlled opponents with various skill levels or challenge your friends to exhibition matches and simulations. The game features very realistic physics, an easy to master control scheme and the ability to view the table from various angles.

Virtual Pool 3 is a pool game for the PC.
It includes a quickplay mode and a career mode, snooker and billiards. It can be also played online against other players worldwide.

The QuickPlay mode is a 4 ball game, played in the Garage, you can vary the length of the game in matches, the Table Setup (Amateur, Professional, Championship or Custom), and if you want a shot clock or not.

You can aim your shoot using the mouse. If you press the "T" key, a guide will show you how will the balls move if you shoot in a given way. Once you´ve aimed, you can shoot by pressing the spacebar.

In the career mode, you will have to beat different opponents, until you earn 10000 dollars, gaining the right to play against Curly at his beachside mansion.

In the Internet play you can compete against other players worldwide.

Only the QuickPlay mode is enabled in the demo version.

The "Settings" section allows you to configure your preferences, like video mode, keyboard mapping, camera control, graphics, sound and mouse sensitivity.

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